The Compass project holds a lot of importance for the Jeep brand in India. While the iconic marque made its entry onto our shores with the Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee, the eye watering prices shattered the dreams of many who aspired to own one. Jeep has now brought in the Compass that is ‘Made in India’ and comes with 65% localisation. Not only that, FCA India’s Ranjangaon facility will also be the export hub for 2017 Jeep Compass exports to right hand drive markets globally. Jeep is betting big on the Compass and its success will pave the way for the brand’s future in India. We headed to a rainy Goa to drive this new SUV on the road and off it to see if it lives up to the Jeep’s heritage.

2017 Jeep Compass Exterior

You cant mistake the Compass for anything but a Jeep. The Grand Cherokee styling DNA is apparent when you look at the Compass up front.  What catches your eye first is of course the traditional Jeep seven slat front grille with chrome surrounds. The headlamps get bi-xenon projectors with LED daytime running lamps. The front bumper features a wide air dam in the centre with fog lights on either side in chrome housings. The square wheel arches are inspired by the original jeep of yesteryear. There is a prominent Compass logo on the front doors. The doors also get cladding on the bottom side.  The way the black roof drops down toward the rear gives a floating effect and the D-pillar gets a shark fin design that looks nice as well. A chrome strip runs across from the A pillar from one side to the other. The rear is not very stylish as compared to the front and feature LED tail lamps and a Jeep logo on the boot.   Also, don’t miss the Loch Ness Monster lurking on the rear windshield. Jeep has this knack off adding these ‘Easter Egg’ surprises to all of their vehicles. This is also a little lizard hidden below the front windshield on the tray of the wipers. Though it is made of plastic, it can give a scare to some unsuspecting folk. We like. The Compass gets 17 inch alloy wheels but they feel a tad smaller. Look closely and you notice that the rear wheel isn’t really at the centre of the wheel arch. Overall the Compass does have a very muscular appearance and looks very much a descendant of the legendary Jeep family.