How often does it happen that a new model makes you fall in love with the automotive brand all over again? Not very often Im sure, but that has happened to me and the car that did it is the new Range Rover Velar. The Velar has been one of the most anticipated models from the British marque in recent times. The fourth model in the Range Rover line up, it sits between the Evoque and the Sport. So what is about the Velar that made me flip head over heals with the Range Rover marque all over again? The words below should explain.

2018 Range Rover Velar Exterior

A bit of a history lesson first. The Velar name was first used for the initial 26 under development prototypes of the original Range Rover in 1969. Velar is derived from the Italian word ‘velare’ which means veil or to cover. History lesson over, let’s cut to the present. The new Velar is a far cry from the legendary boxy styled (which we all love) 4×4 of the yesteryears which soprted the Velar name. If the Evoque was sexy, the Velar is completely on another level. I can just sit staring at it all day long. There are times that you end up finding a couple of styling quirks in even the nicest looking cars but not the Velar. It is by far the hottest looking SUV on the planet. The face is instantly recognizable as a Range Rover. The slim headlamps with unique design daytime running lamps blend perfectly with the imposing front grille.  Look at the Velar from the side and you can see how sharp the design is. Not one line or stroke is present that is not necessary. The flared wheel arches add character but the 5 spoke alloys on this mid spec SE trim look rather dull and boring. The blackened D pillar gives the impression of a floating roof. And oh, there’s some theatre too. The door handles remain flush with the doors and only pop out when you unlock the car. They also go back in once the car is in motion.  The Velar shares its aluminum intensive construction and wheelbase with its Jaguar cousin, the F-Pace, also a gorgeous looking SUV. Overall length is however 72 mm more than the Jag.