The are very few automobiles in the world that have an iconic character and legacy like that of the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. The GeländeWagen’ started life as an army machine, but has a cult status today among enthusiasts and the who’s who of the world. India has always received the AMG version of the G, starting with the G55 in 2010 and then the G63 later. This here is the latest generation of the G63 and it comes with a host of updates that are more than skin deep. So the Mercedes-AMG G63 is now more modern but does it still retain the qualities that make it the big bad ass SUV loved by us all?

2019 Mercedes-AMG G63 Exterior

What I love about the latest generation G63 is that Mercedes has managed to make it look fresh and at the same time retain the boxy silhouette that is reminiscent of the G-Wagen. Had they played with the overall design, it just wouldn’t be a G anymore now would it? The edges have got a little curvy though but I’m not complaining. So what’s new you ask? To begin with, the G63 has grown larger in all dimensions than its predecessor and the wheel base is longer too. The redesigned bumpers result in better approach and departure angles during off-roading. Up front there are all new Multibeam LED headlamps with 84 LEDs surrounded by an LED ring. There’s a new Panamericana front grille with vertical slats that looks imposing. The classic clamshell bonnet and indicators on either side are typical G-Wagen stuff. Our test car also featured 22 inch alloy wheels (21 inchers are standard) with red stripe surrounds because our car was the Edition 1. The ORVMs are big and come with logo projection. The piece de resistance is of course the menacing looking side exhausts and then you have old school push button door handles too.   Another trademark are the exposed door and bonnet hinges. The rear is pretty much unchanged with the prominent spare wheel cover. What’s new is that this gen G63 gets all LED tail lamps. The size of the G63 is just so intimidating and it just dwarfs everything else on the road. And never has my parking space at home seen something as imposing as this before.