Everyone in my circle knows what a hardcore a Tifosi I am, and every new Ferrari is a moment of excitement for me. I never really did take a liking to the California when it came out over a decade ago. It just didn’t look Ferrari enough for me. I heaved a sigh of relief when the California T came out and I did get a chance to drive it. It was a nice car but even the Cali T didn’t make it into my favorite Ferraris list. But the California did well for Ferrari, said that 70 percent of California customers were first time Ferrari buyers. It actually ended up being their best-selling Ferrari ever.  And now it’s time to say hello to the new Ferrari Portofino, the Prancing Horse’s new GT that replaces the California T. It was launched in India in September last year and I got a chance to drive the Portofino recently. What are my thoughts? Read on for my impressions.

Ferrari Portofino Exterior

The Portofino gets its name from a quaint little village, the same name of the Italian Riviera, known for its beautiful waterfront, small cafes and colourful buildings. And just as beautiful you can imagine this village to be, the same goes for the Portofino. It’s just achingly gorgeous and unmistakably Ferrari. The long swooping bonnet and short boot looks just perfect and the new laser sharp shaped LED headlamps remind you of the 488 GTB and the 812 Superfast. Ferrari incorporates aerodynamics into the design just seamlessly. The air vents next to the headlamps channel air through the wheel arches to generate more downforce. The vents on the front bumper ensure maximum engine cooling and there are even vents on the front fenders to reduce the pressure of vortexes around that area. The lines on the side are that of a proper GT car and the Portofino comes with a retractable hard top that can be opened or closed in just 14 seconds at speeds of up to about 30 kmph. The rear is equally gorgeous, with design elements reminding you of the 458 Italia. The round tail lamps are trademark Ferrari and there is a subtle rear lip on the boot as well. Quad exhaust pipes and a large diffuser complete the lower half of the rear bumper.