Ferrari Portofino Interior

The interior of the Portofino is a very nice place to be with a precision stitched dashboard with the new 10.25” screen being the most user friendly setup I’ve used this far. The car we drove, featured black leather upholstery that Ferrari calls Nero, with contrast red stitching (Rosso). It scores high on the plushness as well and Ferrari customizes your Portofino exactly to your liking with a huge bouquet of options that are on offer. The flat bottom steering wheel finished in leather and carbon fibre is just fantastic to the touch and as always, the controls like the headlamp switch, wiper adjustments and indicators are on the wheel. The horn has however moved to the conventional centre position unlike what we have seen in other Ferraris, that have them indented on the wheel itself. You can also opt for the LED shift lights on the steering just like the other models that have this an an optional extra. The engine Start / Stop button finds its place on the left with the Mannetino switch on the right. The instrument cluster features a large tachometer in the centre, just the way I like it (and in yellow) with screens on either side to display various information from infotainment to an analog speedometer to tyre pressure and much more. The 10.25 inch touch screen on the centre console has crisp graphics. The passenger also gets a touch screen (passenger Display) which displays revs, the gear engaged, speed, G force the Mannetino setting the driver is driving in, navigation and other info. While it is optional, I find it pretty much of a necessity and it helps keeping the passenger nearly as engaged as the driver.

The seats of the Portofino are very comfortable and hold you snugly in place. The new 18 Way full electric seats are absolutely delightful and you can access the menu via a round shortcut button that’s right behind the backrest adjuster. This brings up on the touchscreen the foray of adjustments you can make from mid and lower lumbar to how snugly you’d like the sidle bolsters to keep you in place. While the Portofino is technically a 2+2, the rear seats are no place for a regular adult, not even for short distances. They are best reserved for children or a rucksack.