I remember the time I went “What??” about a non SUV car company going the SUV way when Porsche made the Cayenne way back in 2002. And something similar has happened yet again. This is the Jaguar F-Pace, the Leaping Cat’s first foray into the crowded SUV space and the first of many more to follow. But did Jaguar really need one considering there’s already Land Rover doing what they do best. But the F-Pace winning ‘World Car of the Year’ and ‘Design of the Year’ awards for 2017 should be enough to clear any doubts. Thanks to the nice people at Jaguar India, not one but two F-Pace came to the Throttle-Blips garage for us to try out. After spending a week with this new feline, here are our impressions of the R-Sport and Prestige models.

Jaguar F-Pace Exterior

Lets get one thing out of the way straight up. The Jaguar F-Pace is a looker and how. Trust Ian Callum and his gang to come up with something as stunning as this. The F-Pace makes extensive use of aluminum in its construction. The styling is unmistakably Jaguar. The large trademark front grille features chrome mesh and adorns the Jaguar logo in the centre. There are all LED headlamps along with the signature J blade daytime running lamps. The bonnet is beautifully sculpted and has a bulge at the centre giving it a very muscular look. The sporty front bumper gets chrome accents on either side. These accents are missing on the Prestige model. The 19 inch alloys on the R-Sport version match the character of the F-Pace well, while the 18 inch design on the Prestige looked rather nice and beefy too. The high and distinct shoulder line blends perfectly with the design. The rear features F-Type inspired tail lamps that look super cool, adding a sporty touch. There is a roof mounted rear spoiler and dual exhaust pipes integrated into the rear bumper. We feel these could have been better designed though.