India is a country where people love to travel with their families and that makes people movers or MPVs as they are called, very popular. The Innova has been the best seller in the segment with Maruti tasting similar success with the Ertiga. But there is a huge void between these two as far as both, price and size is concerned. Say hello to the Mahindra Marazzo, the new kid on the block that aims to fill this void and probably steal some thunder the aforementioned two. Easier said than done? Time to find out.

Mahindra Marazzo Exterior

Mahindra says that the Marazzo design has been inspired by the shark. That aside, the Marazzo is easily one of the nicer looking vehicles from their stable in recent times. Up front is the trademark chrome slatted toothy grille which shouts out ‘I am a Mahindra’. Believe me, if it wasn’t for this grille, it wouldn’t be easy to guess that this is indeed a Mahindra. The headlamps aren’t stylish but rather subtle in terms of styling. The LED daytime running lamps are attached to the fog lamps in the front bumper. They would have actually looked better integrated with the headlamps.  The C shaped crease line that run across the side is rather eye catching and the 17 inch alloys wheels have a sporty and attractive design. Moving on, there is a rising window line that leads to extra large tail lamps, again shark inspired, which gives a sort of bulky appearance to this MPV. Also it is surprising that despite being shark inspired, the Marazzo misses out on a shark fin antenna.

The Marazzo measures 4585 mm in length, 1866 mm in width and 1774 mm in height. This makes it shorter than the Innova but it is wider and has a longer wheelbase than its Toyota counterpart.