The MG Hector is all set to launch in India in the next couple of months and apart from releasing first official pictures of the upcoming SUV, the car maker has revealed details of the iSmart iNext Gen infotainment system that feature on the MG Hector calling it the Internet car. All details were revealed at its DriveIn event held in New Delhi.

The MG Hector will get a largest in its class vertically mounted 10.4 inch tab like touch screen head unit. and comes with various themes.

The iSmart infotainment system has been developed by MG Motor in partnership with leading tech partners from across the Globe. These include companies like Cisco, Unlimit, Microsoft, Nuance, TomTom, Gaana, Accuweather, SAP, ITeligence, Adobe, Cognizant and Panasonic.

The iSmart system comes with an integrated Airtel SIM card and comes connected to the Internet Protocol Version 6 platform and is 5G ready too. One can download software updates for the system Over The Air (OTA) just like in a smartphone.

The MG Hector also comes with a host of preloaded apps like a Gaana premium account which comes with preloaded entertainment, TomTom IQ navigation system and Accuweather for weather forecasts.

A significant feature of the iSmart system is the Voice Assistant feature that is activated by saying Hello MG. It comprises of over 100 voice command to control the Hector. These command include open sun roof, Climate Control, open window, radio controls (AM, FM, DRM), inside the vehicle, search embedded songs and navigate to places. The Voice Assistant has been developed for MG India by Nuance and can recognize Indian English and other accents.

The Hector features an emergency eCall system that notifies the MG customer centre (Pulse Hub) when airbags are deployed. The transmitted message gives the exact location of he vehicle and the Pulse Hub calls back to the cars Head Unit. If there is no response, it calls the emergency contact from the owners phone book.

Every MG Hector comes with a downloadable iSmart App which the owners can download on their phones. When the app is fired up, it immediately scans the car and shows info on the location and if the car is fully locked. Using this app, the owner can also lock/unlock the car, switch on the climate control, find the car incase forgotten where parked, get tyre pressure notifications, security alerts etc. One can also keep track of the service history of the car and schedule a service as well.

The Hector will also feature the Magnet dealer management system that will feature information on the company, dealers, service centres.

While no technical specs were revealed at the event, MG said that the Hector will come with the option of a petrol Hybrid powertrain featuring 48 volt battery. Auto transmission was also confirmed.

The MG Hector will rival the Tata Harrier and Jeep Compass in the Indian market.