The wildest fantasy for any hardcore petrol head would be to see in the flesh, a car that has adorned his or her bedroom wall as a poster for the longest time. And if that fantasy materializes, it would be nothing short of pure bliss. What if I told you that this can indeed become a reality? Well, not just one, but a whole bunch of classic exotic metal that too all under a single roof.  Say hello to Tomini Classics, a haven for car lovers and literally stuff what dreams are made of.  It is very hard to put down the experience of the place in words but I will try and give it a shot. Read on.

The Tomini Classics showroom is located at Umm Suqeim Road in the Al Barsha area of Dubai, UAE. It is part of the Tomini Group who also has businesses in shipping. I met up with Miguel Llorente, who is the Assistant Manager at Tomini on a sunny but breezy Monday morning. Welcoming me with a big smile on his face, he showed me around the collection and shared some interesting stories on some of the cars as well.

Tomini Classics started off as a private collection of post war classics when the Chairman of the group with assistance of a friend bought a 1967 Series 1 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 litre from a collection in the USA in 2010. The office was based in old Dubai at that time. The Group moved to the current location in 2014 and a custom building was built to house all the cars. The collection is divided into two sections, the showroom and the ‘vault’. The vault is where cars are stored since all cannot be displayed in the showroom at all times. While the showroom was open to photography, shooting pictures inside the vault was strictly prohibited. Most of the cars that you see in these pictures are on sale, except a few that are irreplaceable. Yes that Jaguar E-Type I mentioned earlier isn’t going anywhere.