Want an SUV that looks like nothing else on the road? Something that would scare the daylights out of even other big SUVs? Look no further. Say hello to the Karlmann King, the meanest and baddest SUV in the world. That’s not all it is also the most expensive SUV in the world with base price of $2 million thats roughly translates to Rs. 13 crore. If you want customisation that includes body armour, that price will go up to $3.8 million thats approx Rs. 25 crore.

While the Karlmann King has just gone on sale, we were lucky enough to see one in the flesh in Dubai UAE in January this year. What you see here in these pictures is the real deal. This example was tucked away in an exotic car showroom The Car Vault in Dubai. Many thanks to them for letting us check out their collection.

The Karlmann King is designed by a Chinese Company IAT and built by a team in Europe. The company says that only 10 examples of this monster will ever be made so what you see here is one out of those 10.

The Karlmann King is based on a Ford 550. It features a 6.8 litre V10 engine that develops 400 horsepower. The engine is mated to a six speed automatic gearbox and comes with four wheel drive and air suspension at the front and rear. Top speed is a humble 140 kph.

This mammoth weights 4.5 tonnes and with armour that could go up to 6 tonnes. It measures 2.5 meters in width. The King uses carbon fibre and steel in its construction.

If the exterior is intimidating, the interiors will leave you awestruck. Features include luxury seats, LED TV, ambient lighting, expresso coffee machine, a fridge, electrically foldable tables, Play Station 4 and satellite TV as an option.

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