It’s 3 am in the morning and I’m driving down a rather empty Western Express Highway in Mumbai. All I have for company is the faint burble of the engine coming from under the bonnet and Bruce Springsteen crooning to ‘Born in the USA’ on the stereo. And what a coincidence that the car I’m driving is an icon that was born in the USA in 1964 as the name plate on the passenger side reminds me. What else could it be but the Ford Mustang. A car that has defined the term muscle car for over 50 years, been the poster car of many a kid including yours truly and the star of many a Hollywood flick. For the first time ever Ford decided to make one in right hand drive and you can now officially buy a legendary piece of American motoring history at a Ford dealership near you. Ford launched the Mustang in India after a long wait and it has been selling in good numbers for a couple of years now. I have driven many an exotic but the muscle car is a different breed. Ford India sent over a swanky yellow Mustang for me to drive over a few days and the Pony car managed to leave a big grin on my face.

Ford Mustang GT Exterior

The Mustang has been in production since 1964 and is currently in its sixth generation. The name has been inspired by the World War II P-51 fighter plane. The styling of the current car has the essence and character of the original Stang. While the 80s and 90s saw the design language move in a different direction, the fifth generation saw a return to the iconic design that the Mustang stands for. And that has carried forward to the current gen car too. Upfront is a large grille finished in black with the iconic Mustang logo in chrome. The narrow wrap around headlamps feature daytime running. The long bonnet has bulges that give a clue as to what lies beneath. Move to the side and you notice the steeply raked front windshield moving towards a sloping coupe roofline. The car gets 19 inch alloy wheels with a staggered tyre setup having 255/40 rubber up front and 275/40 at the rear. At almost 4.8 metres, the Stang is long and pretty wide too. At the rear, the tri-slat tail lights add a very retro feel and there is prominent GT badge between them. Dual exhaust pipes and a central diffuser complete the package.